Senin, 28 November 2011

Kokeshi Character Dolls Made by Key

Do you know these cute dolls??

Yes, They are Kokeshi Dolls. The traditional dolls from Japan which are handmade from wood without arms or legs, shaped with a cylindrical body and round head and they have a doll inside a doll inside a doll...Weird, right?? They are a famous foreigner's souvenirs in Japan and its the perfect gift for someone you love and care about your special friends or loved ones.

Inspired by Kokeshi dolls, the symbolize for young girls and representation of their feminine magnificence, I decided to made some characters like them. But not made of wood, it just like clip art characters about my lovely friends. Here they are,,, The Gipo character dolls made by me...take a look and hope you'll like it.

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It's Ulie character as Bugis girl with Baju Bodo.

It's Rika character, made by herself request. It's describes a girl with a Javanes wedding costume.

It's Cathy character. Her fav colour is pink and she was a Toraja girl, so I did it.

It's Ipeh character as a Galuh Banjar with Sasirangan motif.

It's Juju character as Galuh Banjar with Sasirangan too. I made it when Juju's birth day.

It's Trey character as India girl with Saree.

It's Sastee character as a Korean Girl with Hanbok because she love about Korea.

It's Key character as Dayak girl and I love dayak motif.

It's Tien character as Korean girl. She is Korean wave blooded.

It's Putri character as a Bule princess. Hohoho....

They are my art work and hope those characters could be real as a wood craft like Kokeshi dolls. With pleasure if anyone could making them real as kokeshi dolls for me??? Hehehe....

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