Senin, 26 Desember 2011

My First Logo Design

It was my first logo design for Golden Leaf. Just doing then learning.
I do love my hobby :DD

Iseng - Iseng Random :D

Just to show you my first design 4 years ago...hahaha random!! I used Corel and Sotosop to do it. Wkwk...

and many more blazer and jacket design made by me............

Golden Leaf Blazer

Aspuri Kutim Jacket. It's my first design by ordered a year ago.

I do love design. I really enjoy with it. :DDD

Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Time to Change

It's my old layout LaceybeigY

and this is new one...NonakeY

Which one do you like??

Girls' Generation The Boys

OK, all this time my playlist was full of these girls. This is my fav one...The Boys...Cekidot ^^

I love Sunny's new hair. She looks more fresh and mature on it. Fanned!!!