Minggu, 27 November 2011

In Memoriam of Tenggarong Bridge

I wanna introduce you about Tenggarong Bridge in Kutai Kartanegara, East Borneo. It was built completed in 2001 with 720 m lenght and 9 m width. It connected Tenggarong with Tenggarong sebrang and Samarinda. The bridge is reported to be the longest bridge in Borneo and similar to Golden Gate in San Francisco. It's about 30 minutes away, if you took a journey from Samarinda to Tenggarong by crossing The Bridge . From this bridge you will see a nice park of Tenggarong city and Kumala Island over the Mahakam River. At night, you can see the beautiful sparkling lights of it.

Tenggarong Bridge at night.

We usually spending our weekend time at Tenggarong and we love crossing the bridge and see the panorama over the river. What's culinary I like of Tenggarong???I called it, Ayamciken Tenggarong. It's really good junk food and cheap because you get double fried chicken plus drink in one pack, Hehehe. Of course it's different with fried chicken in KFC because it's really spicy and a lil bit hot. You can found it at Etam Fried Chicken in Tenggarong.
OK! forget about the Ayamciken back to the bridge. Here are our favourite poses featuring The Tenggarong Bridge.

Trey and Nina

Nina & me

Who is this??

Mba Dhie pose

The Bolang Girls

But it was tragedy in November 26 at 04.30 pm last yesterday. The Tenggarong Bridge was collapsed and left so many people dead, missing, and injury. Sooooo sad and unbelieveable :((

Tenggarong Bridge before it collapsed.

After the tragedy.

We're gonna miss you.....:(((( Ayamciken Ayamciken Ayamciken

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