Senin, 19 September 2011

I Heart Dayak Motif

Traditional motifs of Borneo (Dayak) may be less well known. But it was there pulled, because the Dayak motif is not only be found in wood carving handicraft as well. The Dayak tribes has many unique motifs and distinctive. It take from the patterns of natural forms like plants, animals and other shapes. Craft forms were varied, so it really interesting stuff for alternative souvenirs or gifts.

I bought one Dayak Motif bag and it's really nice stuff. I love Borneo.

I bought this stuff at souvenir shop in Samarinda. It made of beads.

I wore this bag at the wedding party

I heart it so much. I heart Borneo. I heart ethnic stuff the most.
Thank you Indonesia. Hugs :DDD

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