Senin, 26 Juli 2010

The Gipo's Story Remaja Akhir Pekan

We are Gipo (Gila Pokoknya)

Gila Shopping

Gila Poto

Gila Kamera

The Gipo formed since 2007 in Ramadhan. It started when Chaty love to cooked for Sahur and Bukaan for us. Then we cooked for sahur together and bought some groceries with our contributions together. They were only four people including me, Rika, Trey and Cathy. But many our friends who interested to join for cooking with us together, too. Then we made schedule of cooking for Sahur and Bukaan. After The Ramadhan ended, Rika has proposed to continue the activities of our cooking. Therefore we are all the crazy girls, splashy, noisy and have the same hobby that is narcissistic through a photograph, so we've formed a group that we named GIPO. There were 9 girls in GIPO. They're Rika, Cathy, Key, Trey, Juhai, Alin, Titin, Mbak Ulie, and Putri.

We are,,,,

Mba Ulie







and Me,,

Sorry I have no Putri Picture, She've got married and we never met her again.

We have so much an obsessions, one of them are we'd rather be a wedding organizer entrepreneur. Amiiiiinnn,,,wishes comes true.

Here they are our menu,,
Chicken Fillet Sauce Mama Kate

Dadar Jagung

The Swimming Mustard Green

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